Thursday, October 01, 2009

More Captions Please!

The next round of submissions for the Hallmark Card Contest starts next week!

I can enter 2 photos geared towards Mother's Day- one being a "card for moms" and the other being "a card for friends who are moms".

Help me with a witty caption and win a print of your choice if I use yours!



They are accepting submissions Oct. 5th-18th so we have some time.

Looking forward to your captions!

I might disappear from Blog World for a bit because I'm getting ready to head to Atlanta in a few days to shoot my last wedding of the year- my last wedding before I become a momma!!!!

Crap, that last sentence just gave me a panic attack.


bigheadedbob said...

Have a safe trip. Slap that BHB magnet on your vehicle, cause no one messes with a crazy pregnant woman

Mom L said...

Mmmmm, Banjo! What a pretty picture of him. And I've always loved the gorilla mommy.....

jeanie said...

1. Sleep deprivation - one of the uncounted joys of motherhood.

2. Climb as far as you want, baby - Mummy is ALWAYS going to be here!

Sorry - more cynic than wit at this hour of the day!!!

JOyce said...

I think you should submit the one that you have the dog with the baby hat on it's head with your captions for mom's to be....Dear Baby, please hurry up and get here. I think it is great and all future mommies (and their dogs) can relate.

Joyce said...

For mommy gorilla -

Outside - Remember when I was your “little bundle of joy”?
Inside - Guess this wasn’t one of those days.

Thanks for loving me anyway!
Happy Mother’s Day!

Alix said...

You'll be awesome, but panic attacks at this point are appropriate! Kiss sleep goodbye for awhile, but it will be worth it.

TAKE CARE of yourself, mamacita. Travel safe and don't work to hard.

I'll miss you.

CAPTION 1: What do you mean I have a lisssp?

CAPTION 2: Evolution not withstanding, kids will be kids.

PS: Do you have any spooky photographs? I just realized I never collected my prize from the time I won your other caption contest.

lifeshighway said...

Those are great pictures. I especially love the second one. I have two kids and I am pretty sure I have had the same expression on my face more than once in my life sans the topless effect.

T Lee said...

Gorilla Pic:
Mothers instinct is NO JOKE! You ALWAYS knew that a tight grip on me would be necessary.

Thanks for keeping me grounded!

I Love You Mom!

bigheadedbob said...

1. I know I got my looks from Dad, but Thankfully I got my Brains from you! HAPPY MOTHERSDAY!

bigheadedbob said...

2. I'm not going out on a limb here, your the greatest mother ever! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

T Lee said...

Puppy one:

Sweet and Playful as a pup. It's part of what makes you such a great mom!

Happy Mother's Day!

Lola Nova said...

I'm blaming the sickness for my lack of witty response, but the pictures are awesome!

Flartus said...

#1: "Yes honey, you are beautiful!" Thanks for the unconditional love, Mom.

#2. Eventually, you have to let them go...but not until they've cleaned their room!

T Lee said...

2. To the best Dog Gone mom I know!

lifeshighway said... - terribly off topic but I rarely see anything about Iowa in the news. So do you have ginkos in Loess?