Friday, March 12, 2010

It's Green!

Today Henry and I went over to Forsyth Park for the traditional Greening of the Fountain...

Here it is before the festivities:

The news:


My view:

Kid jumping for a better look:


Too many people!

Henry seconds before he peed on his green outfit:

Erin Go Braugh!


Alix said...

Green pee?

Anonymous said...

from green beer

lifeshighway said...

What great pictures, what a fun tradition. I am feeling let down that Raleigh sucks so badly at St Patrick's Day.

I'm pretty sure you had the best view.

Mom L said...

I hope Henry had a great view! I'll bet he loved all the people and the things to see!

Love you!

Lola Nova said...

That is more awesomeness than I can stand!

Lauren said...

I'm glad Henry has adventures like this! Your view was hilarious. Love the green 'fro.