Saturday, April 03, 2010

Over There?

Even though I lived in Savannah for 5 years during College and have been back for about a million visits since then, there are lots of touristy things I never experienced.

A Dolphin Tour is one of them.

Since my friend Beth is visiting this weekend I decided to finally do it.

Here is her boy Alex ready to see some dolphins!

Here's Beth.... "is that one?"

Nope, not a dolphin Beth.

"is that one?"

Nope, not a dolphin Beth.


Nope. Pelicans.

"over there?"

Ummmm no. Those are idiots fishing on a jet ski.



"There's one!"

YEP! We saw ONE dolphin appear for a second. So lame.

All these years wanting to do a dolphin tour and I see I haven't missed much!

Still had fun though.


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

there's dolphins in Iowa? what am I missing?

BUSH BABE said...

Heh - good one Di!! I too was unaware of the Iowa-dolphin connection... we have 'em near the coast here too. With whales. It's quite possible though to do an entire whale-watching trip and see nothing. We were lucky and saw heaps on our outing a couple of years ago - magestic (and quite hard to photograph!)
PS Happy Easter!!

lifeshighway said...

Your adventure sounded like most of the whale watching trips I have ever been on.

On the North Carolina Beaches you don't have to go out looking for them, you just seen them swim by while you sit on the beach.

Mom L said...

That's OK, Diane, you'll always have the memories of swimming with dolphins in Hawaii! And in Florida!

Poor Beth.

Love you!!!

diane said...

joanna- i guess you missed my last post in december- we had to move back to ga for better job prospects for darrin. we are in savannah now!

Lauren said...

I would do a dolphin thing if I could swim with them... that might be only in Fla. though. And probably only special people. Still. I secretly heart dolphins.