Sunday, October 03, 2010

It's Here

It's here. The day has finally come. The day has come that I admit to being one of those women who have nothing better to blog/talk/brag about other than her child. The woman who I used to feel SO sorry for because she had no fun in her life.

No Adventure.
No Joy.
No Reward.
No Bliss

Nothing worth talking about.

That's what I used to think anyway. I was wrong.

Because now she's me.

I'm her.

And I wouldn't change it for the world.

So here's the love of my life wearing my sunglasses....

and standing by himself!....are you kidding me???!

And to this woman, It doesn't get much better than that.


Lola Nova said...

It's ok, I wont hold it against you, I'm one too! I love love love those pictures of that gorgeous kid!!!

No Adventure.
No Joy.
No Reward.
No Bliss...actually, being a Mama has all that stuff by the barrel full!

diane said...

i couldn't agree more lola!

T Lee said...

A good lesson in not judging something you have never done! Welcome to the wonderful world of mommyhood!! There is really nothing better than watching your babies grow up! Makes you wonder how anyone who has grown a child within their body and given birth sometimes does not feel these overwhelming protective and proud feelings!?? I can't wrap my brain around that!

BUSH BABE said...

Soooo... basically you have turned into me? How horrifying for you...
PS Cute kid!!!

Mom L said...

And, my baby girl, you will never outgrow the feeling! Can't wait to see you all!!!


Clearwater Cheryl said...

And those feelings are something noone could explain to you even if they tried. Or if they could explain but a non-parent just wouldn't get it. It must be an equally great feeling when that love is returned. We're working hard to finish up the condo so we can get up to see ya'll. This time I'll bark so Henry doesn't cry.

Jennifer said...

I don't blame you a bit, what an adorable kid! That face....too cute!

Lauren said...

yeah we got that stuff, it's just way better this way