Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Hear Banjos.

Pretty sure this might be my favorite wedding shot yet.

The bride's Aunt had a freaking boom box (yeah I said boom box because I am a fossil) on her lap! Even better she couldn't find the right track when the bride started walking down the aisle and was like, "shit oh shit" as she fumbled with the player.

Then the minister whispered to me, "I'll bet every trailer park in Savannah is empty right now."

Too awesome for words.

I think the little guy was wishing he belonged to another family right about then.


T Lee said...

you have all the fun!!! that is too great!! love what the minister said and the fact that the mother of the bride is wearing black!!

lifeshighway said...

These are my people and why I won't live anywhere else in the world.

You can't buy this much entertainment.

Mom L said...

Why wasn't I invited?

Lauren said...


Winnie said...

Too funny - was it a St. Patrick's Day wedding, everyone wearing green and all.

Can't say much about the boom box other than I used one at my own wedding, though it sat on the ground, it did get fumbled with but I couldn't tell you by who anymore - kids killed my brain cells.

diane said...

@ winnie - as long as the boom box is on the ground it's acceptable ; )