Sunday, April 03, 2011

She Was The Lizard King

Today I was thinking about our little Lizzie, and how much fun our photo shoots used to be.

Bless her little green heart.

She was so awesome.


Mom L said...

Don't forget how she rode from Savannah to Atlanta in D's truck, on his toy ship!!!

Laura said...

I love lizards. They are fantastic creatures. I had a Veiled Chameleon for years named Mel Gibson. Unlike his namesake- he did not go bonkers.

lifeshighway said...

First, I love your new header!

Second, I had not seen any Lissie studies. How fun! I don't know who long she has been gone but safe journey little lizard.

(I am not a bit surprised that Laura had a lizard)

Lauren said...

I Love Lizards! Those little things used to be all over the place when I was a little kid in Louisiana. Oooh and tree frogs. The little frogs would cling to the windows of our house in Cameron! So cute. Thanks for that great memory!

Mom L said...

Makes me think of the chameleon that bit my finger and held on when I was a teen! Tried to shake it off - no luck. When I tried to pull it off, the tail came away in my fingers!!!

Jim said...

This is exactly the reason I fell for you in the first place. The southeast is very lucky to have you back.