Saturday, August 27, 2011

178 Steps

to the top of this.

that's a lot of steps.

so we took a break somewhere after 50.

then we were back at it.

the view from the top was pretty cool.

and peaceful.

it was a swell day at the beach.


BUSH BABE said...

Hey Diane - where is this? Gorgeous... as is your little man! How BIG is he getting? Wow!

diane said...

hey BB! i've missed you! this is Tybee Island- the beach that's about 25 miles from our house. it's not that pretty in person LOL but it'll do.

Mom L said...

I am so impressed with both of you!! Henry looks like he loved every minute - doesn't even look tired! You need to take him hiking....

Wonder if his great-aunt Bonnie will take him snow skiing, raft riding, and hiking like she did you!!!

Lola Nova said...

Good on you! and Henry too. Great shots mama!