Wednesday, November 16, 2011


WOW I have been a slack blogger lately!

So I logged in to share some pictures of my swim with dolphins in Hawaii on amazing.

I miss them already!


Mom L said...

Sweetie, these are amazing! You must have been in Heaven! I can't imagine the serenity surrounding those beautiful creatures.

Love you,

bigheadedbob said...

It sucks to be you!
Happy Birthday Wishes to Henry from Bigheadedbob!

Lola Nova said...

Where were you? What island? I am in deep need of a Hawaiian sunset!
How amazing, so glad you got to do that!

Happy Birthday to that gorgeous boy too!

diane said...

The big island on Ho'okena beach- was so awesome.
Thanks for the bday wishes I can't believe our boy is 2!!

lifeshighway said...

Lovely photos. I need to catch up. So much as gone on.