Thursday, April 05, 2012


I think my blogging days are coming to an end for awhile, I can never seem to find the time or material for it anymore.

Sorry MOM.

I shot these the other day with my phone, hope they make you smile!

It's been fun,



Reddirt Woman said...

Di, we all hit our dry spells... I'm just going with the flow and if the spirit moves me or something comes up I post. The daily posting got too much when I was dealing with medical junk but every now and then I have something I want to send out. Maybe that will work for you also. And, yes, the photos did make me smile!


Mom L said...

I love these photos, and yes! I will miss your wonderful once-in-a-while posts. However, since I'm retired with all the time in the world and yet am too lethargic to even think about blogging, I don't blame you. Running your own business and keeping up with a 2 1/2 year old has to be enough!!! Just keep sending me photos!!

Love you,

Lola Nova said...

Suck it up woman! C'mon, keep blogging, I demand it!

Oh ok, actually I totally understand. I haven't been wanting to lately at all. Too busy l-i-v-i-n' doing stuff and junk, mostly laundry.

So glad you had a blog for awhile, otherwise I never would have met you!
Love ya!

DebH said...

Nooooo....I need your wit. Even if you only blog it once in awhile. I NEED your view on life! I seriously do. I don't think there are two of you out there and you can't stop. Just don't say Never..

Shyrlene said...

Your blog is a delight and your posts will be missed, but call it a 'hiatus'... Throw us a pearl from time to time; it goes a long way!

lifeshighway said...

Diane, have a good long rest. I'll be seeing you on all the old familiar places...

or something like that