Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why Loess Is More

I have been promising to start a Blog since our big 1,000 mile move to Turin, Iowa from Atlanta, Georgia a few months ago. Well here ya go- now friends and family can keep up with us since everyone seems to think that Iowa is on a different planet or something. I will try to update this regularly for y'all as long as you promise not to correct my grammar or spelling (MOM!) So far we are loving our new Mayberry-ish town smack dab in the heart of the Loess Hills. People are so friendly here, there is no crime, no traffic, no, maybe it really IS another planet! We see deer, turkey, coyote, hawks, and bald eagles daily, and the view from our deck is breathtaking. We are only 40 minutes from the "city" (Sioux City), so Target and Old Navy are just a stone's throw away. While we may have fewer theaters, bars, restaurants, or malls than we did back in the 'Big City', there is something about seeing a doe nuzzle her fawn that fills your soul with a sense of peace. I'll take that over a tall Starbucks any day. I know, I know, winter will be COLD. So I will just put on my snow boots and think of my favorite Merle Haggard song 'Big City'.......and remember why we left.

I'm tired of this dirty old city.
Entirely too much work and never enough play.

And I'm tired of these dirty old sidewalks.
Think I'll walk off my steady job today.
Big City turn me loose and set me free.


Mom L said...

Good start! I'll be following every post!

clp said...

yippee!!! can't wait!!!

beth said...

like it..
I should start one of bean,but dang thats alot of work..and I just enjoy reading others peoples!

dad said...

I am still waiting to see the "Shrewd of Turin".