Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pigs and Parkas

So today we got our welcome letter from the farm bureau for our new health/dental insurance. On the back of the brochure is a pic of a cute FB rep saying, "how can we help you?".....
But he is holding a baby pig. A baby PIG! Piglet! Omg I LOVE Iowa. Love it. Love.

I also had my first Onawa family shoot today at the Lewis and Clark State Park.
It was fantastic. They were so fun and laid back and found it HILARIOUS that I have never experienced a real winter. They asked me if I had a parka. Umm, a what? Haha!
It was an awesome day.


Mom L said...

I would love a piglet! Will that be your next addition (after the goat)?

Stuart said...

Diane, that piglet is going to be your breakfast bacon one day. dig in.