Friday, August 21, 2009

Call Me Betty

Earlier this week a friend brought me a HUGE zucchini from her garden. It was so pretty I was inspired to make my first ever zucchini bread.

Of course we all know I don't bake- so I had to get all the basics like flour, sugar, baking powder, etc. from the grocery store. I had all my supplies lined up on the counter when I realized I was missing one ingredient so back to the store I went.

I came home to this lovely treat in our bed:

FU#@&!% DOGS!!!!

I wonder which dog is to blame?

Guess I'll never know.

Luckily there was just enough flour left in the bag for my bread!

Which came out pretty dang good if I do say so myself.


Anonymous said...

I am so impressed!! Inspite of Pete it looks wonderful! Pretty as a picture. I knew you could do it. Now can you post the chili and corn bread? Big D will think he is in the wrong house!

SB this doesn't like my password again.

Mom L said...

It looks very good!!!! I'll bet you won't save any for me, dang it. As I said on FB a few minutes ago, it sounds like I need to hand over to you your grandmother's and great-grandmother's recipes I still have!!

You did well, Punkin!!!

Love you

Mom L said...

And Pete's saying, "Who, me? I didn't do nuttin'!!"

bigheadedbob said...

Where was b/d at the time. They could both be guilty, just want some of that flour before Mom screws it up! Good job of photo shopping on the loaf though. Only kidding, when I think I have a hard life, only have to look here

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Pete says, "are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?"

T Lee said..., I have just been Laughing
Out Loud!

The things we will get to be privy to when Little gets here... I can't wait. Love all the laughs.

I would have to seriously think about returning Pete to his Texas shelter! (wink)

clearwater cheryl said...

I'm hoping those sheets weren't brand spankin' clean and the bed just made. I think Pete's expression says "I knew I'd get in trouble for it but it was just @#$^& worth it!"

Alix said...

I don't bake either, so I stand in awe of your zucchini bread feat. nicely done, floury sheets and all.

PS: I think your dogs have trained you brilliantly for parenthood. Good doggies!

Mom L said...

Pete definitely takes after you. Remember my telling you about the flour/gold coins/roll of stamps fiasco when you were about 2? You woke me up saying, "Mommy, I got into you flower (that's what it sounded like!) come see!" and there were floury handprints on the walls, flour on the living room carpet, piles of flour on the kitchen floor with your Dad's gold coins and a roll of my stamps mixed in. And, oh, yes, you had the plastic cookie cutters out making shapes!!!!

Savannah Belle said...

Have I got a deal for you--I'll send you boiled peanuts in exchange for a loaf zucchini bread! My zucchini's died on the vines this year. Too much rain. But the peanuts have out done themselves! Deal? And you get to keep Pete. P.S. Take a slice of bread to your Mother!

Anonymous said...

and yes the bread was delicious as well as the chili, dont worry I wont come to expect but great job!

Savannah Belle said...

Why does the cow have blue ears? Guess I just noticed it. Waiting for the neighbors to shoot your FIL for weed eating the lawn at 7 a.m. on Sunday morning. Aren't you glad you live in the country--even if the cows have blue ears.

Lola said...

that's my boy (friend)...

Mom L said...

I confirm - it was the best zucchini bread I ever had - better than any I ever made! Moist, delicious, please make it again!!!

Love you!