Saturday, August 29, 2009

Passing Wind

Today Darrin and I went for a drive and ended up at the Tower Of The Four Winds.

"This 44-foot tower in Black Elk-Neihardt Park stands as a memorial to John G. Neihardt and Black Elk, the Lakota Sioux holy man. The tower features a mosaic that depicts Black Elk's message of peace and unity for all people. Along a paved walking trail, mosaic markers continue the "theme" of Black Elk's vision."

Very cool and almost as fascinating as what we saw on the way back:

Um, what?


Anonymous said...

always fun with my windy wife

bigheadedbob said...

B/D you were only 20 miles from the worlds biggest ball of stamps! Can't believe that Diane didn't stomp her feet and hold her breath till her face turned blue, till you took her there! And dining with the raccoons (only 17 miles away), guessing your saving that to share with Mom L. Love you guys,not shure why

Lola Nova said...

That Black Elk sculpture looks awesome.

Do you think they are hunting short buses, or hunting foxes with short buses, or...??

Are they Hungry like the wolf?

Alix said...

Passing wind, cutting cheese... Diane, we know what this post is really all about.

Purty pictures as always.


Mom L said...

Beautiful picture of the tower, Di! And don't let b/d give you a hard time - I think it's wonderful that someone built a tower to your ability to pass wind with flare, uh, flair.

Love you!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

New Rule - when you 2 get in a car together, other Iowa motorists should have to be forewarned.