Monday, November 22, 2010


SO VERY proud of myself for making 2 posts in a row that did not revolve around Henry.

Well, he turned ONE last Wednesday (11/17/10)..... so this post just *MIGHT* have to revolve around his party and his man boobs.

and YES- I KNOW he needs a haircut for the love of God- but daddy won't let me cut it yet. So until he does; Henry is simply known as Justin Bieber...... because the resemblance is uncanny LOL.

ok.....back to the party...

He had the BEST birthday and smash cake EVER made by the very talented Adrienne Bibb, owner of Addy B's..........Yo Gabba Gabba is the only TV show that has held his attention for more than 20 minutes.

I mean, she is so incredible that Our (HER) cake was featured on Yo Gabba Gabba's Facebook Page! I literally almost cried when people wanted to cut the cake and eat it. That's no joke.

I can't even believe that my little chicken has been here for a year already. It seems like only yesterday that I was announcing my knocked up condition!

My little boy is growing up so fast. SNIFF SNIFF.

So in honor of this most special day I decided to start a birthday tradition for us- each year on 11/17 Henry and I will strike a pose in a photo booth........I swear to God I will even make him do it when he is 25.


I love you more than life itself.


Mom L said...

Now I don't feel quite so sad about missing the party - I can come here anytime and look at the pictures!!

Love you!

Lucy and Ethel said...

Henry's gorgeous!

Just don't blink; he'll be two before you know it, then 18... and hopefully still willing to take the photo booth pictures :)


lifeshighway said...

Happy Birthday, Henry. You know he does look like the Bieber only better looking and more masculine.

Get back to us about 14 or so and see how the Mom portraits are continuing.

Lola Nova said...

No, it isn't possible, I refuse to believe that a year has gone by already! Ack! Happy belated birthday little Henry! Looks like an amazing party. Auntie Lola will be sending your present sometime around spring.
Big smooshy hugs!

Mom L said...

What a fantastic new header! Henry the sailor man looking out to sea.....