Saturday, June 13, 2009

Are Pregnant People Lame?

Because I seriously can't find anything to Blog about lately.


The most excitement for me this week consisted of:

1) Buying these baby moccasins at the Lewis and Clark Festival.

2) Finding the biggest asparagus I've ever seen in my life.

It's huge!

I know, I know. I'd better take it easy before someone gets hurt.


Mom L said...

We've missed you - welcome back! You can always post some older favorite photos, you know. And you haven't done a bucket list in a while.

The moccasins are adorable - guess we'll have to wait awhile before CL can walk a mile in them. The asparagus? That will take an awful lot of Hollandaise sauce!

Love you!

Bush Babe said...

Not lame baby... just busy building a baby!! Did you find the Up the Duff book anywhere? You should post your "Week 15" pregnancy report (or whatever 'we' are up to!).

Loved the mocassins BTW. And Mom L - your print is ON THE WAY. I know. Better late than never baby!!

And also - Dooce had her kid today - named it Lil. Lil Dooce. Heh!!

Savannah Belle said...

I love the moccasins! Did you only get two stalks of asparagus? One for you & one for D? I would love to see your older photos. And I think it is time for another mystery contest.

Alix said...

Having been preggers twice, I can honestly applaud your ambition. Moccasins AND giant asparagus? You've outdone yourself, Diane. Not lame at all.

PS: I'm narrowing my choice for the caption contest prize.

beth said...

dozed off gor a second there.haha!! couldnt resist!!
no,not lame..its the little things remember?!!
enjoy this time now being will miss it one day!