Monday, June 08, 2009

Caption Contest Winner!

I asked my darling husband to pick the winner of my caption contest because I couldn't decide on just one.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE.......................

"When I fan out my chiffon butterfly wing thingys like this, does it make me look fat?"

Congrats Alix!

You win an 8x12 print of your choice from anything you see on my blog, website, Flickr or Etsy.
(go to for links to my photos)

That was fun!

And I have nothing else for today.


T Lee said... I had my picture picked out and everything!

Yes, I thought I was that damn funny, but I know I have already won before and I just wanted to come

seriously though, i did like the wingy thingy comment!

congrats alix!

what picture are you picking?

Mom L said...

Good choice, Big D!!! That one had me cackling, Alix. I should probably confess that I already have the Diane "print" I love the best - the closeup of the tiger, taken many years ago, blown up to poster size and framed! Diane, how am I going to pack that?!!

Alix said...

Gosh, T Lee and Mom L... My prize selection will probably have something to do with bull nads, but I'm not sure. Still deciding.

Thanks for the awesome honor, Darrin and Diane. I feel so special. :)

Jennifer said...

Congrats Alix! What a great, hilarious caption! That is not a surprise at all because she has such a great sense of humor!

Lee of MWOB said...

OKay that caption was funny. Nice job!!

For me? Better luck next time!!