Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Yard Art Game

I found a hilarious Blog the other day- "Along Life's Highway-The Yard Art Game."

So I submitted one of my favorite Floridian yard art pics.....

and I scored 23 points!

I'd LOVE to take a cross country road trip and document trailer park yard art for a coffee table book. I'm totally serious.

If only ELLEN would finance my project!

Or one of my fabulous fans. Ahem.


Lola Nova said...

Hey, I'll go with you. I've been wanting to do a cross country bathroom gaffiti coffee table book for years!

lifeshighway said...

If you find great yards like this down in Florida, heck I will go with you too.

d/iowa said...

when Ellen calls to tell me she wants to finance my trip- i'll pick you guys up in the RV she gives me :)

and LN shut up! i've always wanted to do a bathroom grafiti book too!
and a drive by book- you know- candid shots of passing cars and what their drivers are doing...

Anonymous said...

LN/ Wife

you two are creeping me out
but love the bathroom art idea,
I drive!

Lola said...

dude, you know if i had any money -- any at all -- i would be a silent partner. i can however, offer up any yard art i find for you to photograph

Mom L said...

Hey, wait a minute, didn't you just ask your Mom to finance your trip to photograph trailer parks? Are you two-timing me??

Love you anyway,

d/iowa said...

yes mom- i'll still drive out here with you as long as we stop at 10 parks per day.

bigheadedbob said...

Can't finance it, but can draw you a map

Mom L said...

Between my old bladder and your pregnant state, we'll have no trouble making 10 stops a day.

Love you,

Alix said...

Beware of the Tavelocity Gnome! I see copywrite infrigement lawsuits in your future.

Where do I send my donation? And how far will a buck fifty get ya?

Mom L said...

Hey - tell your buddy at Life's Highway that I protest the score - when I enlarged the photo in an effort to find Santa (I found him!) I counted 4 cats, not 3 - the strange yellow thing in front is a cat (with the back of another beside it) and in front of the Santa is a mother cat/kitten which should count as 2.

Picky Mom
I love you!