Saturday, July 04, 2009

Redneck Games

Here are a few pics from our very own redneck fireworks extravaganza last night.


The next one reminds me of that old redneck joke:

What's the last thing a redneck says before he dies?

"Hey Y'all-watch this!"

We love not having neighbors.


lifeshighway said...

Fireworks were going off like crazy last night in my neighborhood. But then again, this is the south. Hope you saved a couple for tonight.

Mom L said...

So cool - your own rocket platform! Did the dogs hide?

Love you guys!

Alix said...

Okay, you are just too weird.

And I mean that in the best possible way.

Anonymous said...

WOW, looks like the most fun since the Toga party. But I'm with mom L, how did the kids do?

Claire said...

How did your dogs like the fireworks? Stickley could not care less but other dogs I know just freak out. Looks like you had a good one!

d/iowa said...

the dogs weren't very happy- they all ran in our room and hid on the bed- just like they did on new year's. poor dogs.

Lauren said...

seems like the big tough dogs that are supposed to hunt stuff always wimp out on fireworks days... the little dogs I was hanging out with did fine, except for the oversized elderly Pom, who whined & yapped when the bottle rockets made that whistly noise...
the possible "art job" might just turn out to be an actual job photographing and researching values for a local attorney's art collection... probably the only practical thing I'll have ever done with my degree.

Reddirt Woman said...

You know to get out the bandages when a redneck says, "Hold my beer and watch this...!"

What a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing with all of us who have neighbors.