Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Birthday America & Texas Pete!

Not only is it the 4th of July- Happy Fourth Y'all!!- but it's also been a year since Pete found us!

So in honor of his fake birthday today, I'd like to share my favorite video of him. Again.

Who else sets up a video camera to catch their dog being naughty?

Good stuff.


bigheadedbob said...

Glad you reposted it, as I had dial up service at the time. Have a safe and Happy 4th, and B-day

Mom L said...

Ohhh, Pete. BTW, were you able to salvage the Santa I made when you were 2? That's an antique! Have a safe and happy 4th - watch out for traffic (snicker). Happy birthday, Pete!

Love you,

Lucy and Ethel said...

Happy birthday, Pete!

The video was one of the first things I saw on your blog - maybe THE first - and got me hooked. So thanks, Pete :)

Happy 4th, too!