Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Note

I recently picked up 'The Ultimate Guitarist' for Darrin at my favorite Goodwill store. As he was flipping through the book, a receipt with a note written on the back of it fell out. He noticed that the date on the receipt was from June of '96 and was from the Westin Resort on Hilton Head. The receipt was for one virgin raspberry daiquiri ordered from the Pelican Pool.

Don't you wish you could have been a fly on the Pelican Pool's wall that day?

It was the summer of '96 and Magan(?)was on vacation in Hilton Head with her parents. She sat at the pool daydreaming of the local boy she had met earlier that morning....hoping he liked her more than her 'twins'. The twins were usually the first things boys noticed about her, and this made her sad.
So she decides to leave him a note, on his surfboard, in hopes they could secretly meet again that night...

Did they ever meet?

Did she get caught sneaking out?

Did Brett keep that note tucked away in his guitar book all these years as a reminder of his one lost love?

Does Magen still wonder where Brett is today?

Did Brett become the ultimate guitarist even though his heart was broken?

Is he famous?

Is she a stripper?

We may never know!


Mom L said...

It doesn't sound like Magen(?) was going to hang around and cry herself to sleep - she and Sarah went out and found some other local boys to fool around with. Wanting something stronger than the virgin daiquiri, they decided to try jagermeister and ended up passed out in an alley. The cops found them and took them to the station, where their extremely irritated parents had to pick them up after leaving their high-class fundraiser dinner. Both girls were whisked back to their palatial homes in Westchester County, NY and were never let out again.

Brett continued to surf and play guitar, carrying the last words from Magan(?) around until he was so broke he had to hock his board, guitar, and beloved book.

diane said...

ummmm- i think you stole part of yours from actual events of my teenage years. lol. still good though.

lifeshighway said...

I think Brett scored with Megan later that night and he kept the receipt as a trophy. Obviously the twins were involved.

I was a glorious one night stand, Megan lost her virtue, wrote Bret endless emails from North Carolina but she never heard from him again.

To this day, her twins plot against her.