Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Wife 101

After months of silence, Darrin finally informed me (ever so sweetly) that his pants were not being hung properly in the closet.

Apparently there is a method to this madness involving the crease?

I'm sorry what?


What the f*ck is a crease?

Of course I immediately blamed my domestic ignorance on my mother, (sorry mom!) as I explained to him that I did not take Home Economics in High School, so where else was I expected to learn about womanly duties CREASES other than from my mom?

His answer: "The United States Navy.........and we'll work on how to iron next"

God Bless America.

He was kidding about the ironing. I think.


Mom L said...

And you blame me? I tried to teach you - honest, I did! I should have known everything had gone wrong when you paid me to iron "lines" in your shirt sleeves for your after college waitressing job!!! And I thought you knew there was a right way to hang pants. Poor Darrin - the only man walking around with frumpy pants!!!

Lola Nova said...

Oh yeah, whenever I think the Mr. needs a little gentle reminder of what an awesome domestic goddess he has for a wife...
I hang his pants "against the crease". After a couple of days, he usually remembers to take out the trash and clean the fish tank...and everything goes back to normal.
Domestic bliss is a complicated system of pulleys and levers my friend.

lifeshighway said...

My mom caught me when I was first married ironing my hubby's shirts because he like that perfect crease. (also his pants). Mom walked in the apartment, looked at the shirts hanging on various bits of furniture and door nobs and said two words: dry cleaners.

Hubby has his own little bag and everything that he can drop off on the way to work.

Domestic goddess, I am not.

Prairie Painter said...

This is sooo good Diane! :) I remember the first time I took my pants off the hanger and rehung them the "right" way...now she makes me hang everything!!! Yikes!! :)

Cousin Cheryl said...

OMG the hangers are all wrong, too! I'll bring some good ones up with the 50's dishes. But really...lifeshighway has the best idea...dry cleaners.