Saturday, January 08, 2011

10 in 10 for 10 - Day One: Six Feet Under

In 2011 I would like to get back to blogging a little more, like I did when we were in Mayberry.

This first project idea came from Lola Nova who was originally inspired by Nancy of Fledge.

It's simple.... Take 10 photos in 10 minutes for 10 days.

No editing.

Just walk/see/shoot/look/post.

I can do that right? The hardest part will be posting photos without editing! Which is why I will only be using my little point and shoot- that way I have an excuse for crappy pictures.

For my first day I chose a cemetery down the road that we walk to every day when I have energy.

So, with my top photo being number one, here are the remaining nine.



Lola Nova said...

These are awesome! What do mean crappy? Of course, you know how I like a cemetery! I love your first 10!

Also, just got your cds, thank you! Still need to listen to them, will this weekend.

And, Congrats on the yard art game first place of awesomeness!

Mom L said...

I'm sure glad you didn't inherit my photographic inability, altho I wasn't too bad 40 years ago!!! These are great, and I agree with LN - cemeteries can provoke beautiful photos.