Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ophiuchus My A**!

Today I am in mourning.

For I have learned that I am no longer a Gemini according to the New Zodiac Chart.

I was so upset by the news that I was unable to focus on photography today.

All I could muster was this shot....

I must rest now so I may have the strength to return tomorrow and continue my 10/10/10 project.


Mom L said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. At least the flamingo family is bright and well-dressed!

Sadly, I am no longer a well-balanced Libra. This hurts. I say we shun the new zodiac!!!

Lola Nova said...

I blame the Babylonians!
Love the photo!

lifeshighway said...

Why is this photo not being scored? I have found I am no longer a sane and stable organizing Virgo but a feistier Leo. So I am trying on my feisty attitude.