Sunday, January 09, 2011

10 in 10 for 10 - Day Two: In The Ghetto

Day two was a little more exciting for me.... I decided it would be fun to head to the ghetto for my 10/10/10.

***Disclaimer- All photos were taken from the safety of my car ~ LOL.


Lola Nova said...

Love the bunny!
Glad you made it safely home :)

Mom L said...

Love the colors! You're always brave when you have your camera!!!

Did Henry help?

lifeshighway said...

As well you should. Funny that a pay phone is now considered ghetto. Ha!

beth said...

I was gonna say!
the only places you find pay phones now ARE ghettos! like kinda near my moms house!
I like the bath tub picture of the stopper that looks like a face! wait,it does look like a face to others too right??