Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10 in 10 for 10 - Day Ten: Temptations

As visions of cheeseburgers danced in my head, I couldn't help but wonder how many people had already broken their 2011 resolutions.
So on this final day of my 10/10/10, I'd like to pay tribute to a few things that make us weak.

I know, I know. You expected my 10th day of pictures to be super fantastic.

So did I.

You're disappointed.

Me too. But at least I finished.

And I skipped the cheeseburger.


Mom L said...

But what about chocolate? Mmmmm, chocolate.....

I'm sorry you're finished - you've got to find a new challenge! This has been fun, and you did find delightful photos.

Love you!!!!

BUSH BABE said...

I have been loving your series... too crazy busy to comment most days, but have been checking them out and smiling with you.

Lola Nova said...

Ha! Love it! I would have to replace the Miller Lite & Racing with
a bottle of red and WWF :)