Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fowl Play

Yesterday I took some pics for a pet resort and the owner had a bunch of pet chickens on the property.

That totally made my day....

Cuz chickens


crack me



Mom L said...

I envy you! I've fallen in love with chickens from reading some farm blogs - I had no idea there were so many gorgeous varieties. I absolutely love the white polish chicken in the 2nd and
3rd photos!!!

Lola Nova said...

Oh man, those pictures are stunning! Love them, and the chickens! You know I love me some chickens, hilarious little varmints.

Our chicken Cookie has taken to chasing the neighborhood cats, make me laugh every time!

Laura said...

I think chickens are the De Niros of the animal world. I don't know really what that means, but I usually don't know what most things mean that I think.