Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tats For Sale

Passed this little tattoo shop in the middle of nowhere.

Loved it. Turned around so I could take a pic.

Had it been 10 years ago, I might have even gone in.......


Mom L said...

Love the new banner! Your 2 boys look great together, and Banjo looks like he even likes Henry!!!

Glad you didn't get another tat - your ankle tat kept expanding so that your Gram no longer believed it was a bruise!

diane said...

MOM- banjo does NOT like henry, he is trying to eat his face.
and ps- Grandma always believed me so she thought it was a bruise till the end.

Lola Nova said...

Yup, Banjo has sibling rivalry alright!

Love the post, half price Pete sounds awesome! I still want a new tat.

The other day Stella asked if she could get one, I told her "You can get one when you are an old teenager." She asked, "You mean like you mama?"


Mom L said...

Darn! I thought Banjo was trying to kiss Henry!!!

Banjo's and Henry's Grandma