Thursday, May 28, 2009

Adaland Mansion

Today we toured the Adaland Mansion
in Philipi.

This was our tour guide posing next to her truck- she bought it new in '88- how great!

That's all for today, gotta go get ready for graduation now.


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

to MomL: did not know you were recovering from pneumonia, my gosh honey, take care and get well soon.

Mom L said...

What a great place to visit! Hope it was a beautiful day. I think the item in photo #4 is a stereoscope, or stereo viewer. I remember "playing" with one when I was a kid. Don't know if it belonged to my parents or grandparents, but they had a bunch of picture cards to put into it. I also love the talking picture records in the next photo.

Yes, Joanna, the darn thing has knocked me for a loop - no energy, no packing, no nothing! Except coughing. It's almost 4 weeks since they diagnosed me, but the last x-ray 1.5 weeks ago showed no pleural fluid at least. An elderly friend insists she's bringing me some whiskey tomorrow to mix with honey for a homemade cough syrup!!

D, D&G - have fun at graduation tonight! Love you.

Bush Babe said...

Happy Graduation Diane... awesome-looking place you photographed there.

And feel better Mom L...