Friday, May 29, 2009

Livin Large

As we sat crammed like sardines in the packed auditorium with NO AIR CONDITIONING last night and listened to yet another graduate quote Miley Cyrus, any smidgen of camera etiquette I might have possessed went right out the door. I just couldn't stop myself.


Did you REALLY pick out this 'Livin Large' wife beater T-shirt and think to yourself, "Dang, I should wear this to Jethro's gradumacation over at at the skool tonight"?


No, really?


Anonymous said...

But it was entertaining wasnt it 2.
Nice ceremony and I am very proud of my boy. Wow how time goes by.
18 more years and I can do it again,
if I not to old and senile.

bigheadedbob said...

What, Jethro's brother didn't invite you back to the trailer for the wedding, his cousin told him this morning that she was with chicken. Happy for you D, you have every reason to be proud! Get well soon mom L

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Just curious, when they quote Miley Cyrus, what do they say? "it's all about the climb" I actually like the tune but at 52 yrs old, I'm all about getting to the other side and sitting down.

Lee of MWOB said...

That is awesome. And whose graduation was it? Am I missing something?

Mom L said...

Oh, boy. I like the slice of belly showing between the shirt and the camo pants - oh, wait, yuck!

Hope you show us some pix of G all dressed up - he'll make up for this one!

And yes, D - you both get to do this again, probably with your grandkids along!!

Love you!

Mom L said...

And thanks, BHB - I'm really trying. I'll bet Di will be glad when I finally start my own blog so she doesn't have to share this one with me for comments!

T Lee said...

Look Diane...sometimes it is called for to dress up...give the guy a break!


waiting to see an actual photo of phantom graduate!

Alix said...

Um. Yeah Diane... he really, really, really did. Think. That.

Dang. Nice catfish gut.

And about Miley Cyrus... what in the hell does she have to say that's quotable? "Like I mean, being rich is like super fun" doesn't cut it at Commencement ceremonies, does it?

Quothe the raven, "Nevermore!"

bigheadedbob said...

Mom L, you ought to know by now that Di lives for this sh*t. But honestly it is time to get rid of that Polaroid land camerae, and get one of those digital things. And while we are stealing Diane time here, that isn't a slice of belly showing, that is a skinned muskrat that he, well, found on the way to pick up his tux.

jennycostantino said...

Almost heaven, i hear....
god love the guy... he's as proud as he can be in that there shirt....
yes, post a pic of yer boy! we are dying to see CL in fast forward.....................

Bush Babe said...

Yah huh. Not much I can say without getting into trouble. Cept I suspect my profile is starting to resemble this dudes... and I ain't happy!!!
PS Congrats on 'the boy's' grad!