Thursday, May 07, 2009


Found a dandelion. Picked it up. Made a wish.

Wished for the beach.

Who said you can't find the beach in Iowa???

Feet in the sand + water = beach.


Close enough.


Lola Nova said...

any way you can get it! Totally counts.

Lauren said...

ccccooooolllld water!

Mom L said...

That's my baby girl!!! You and D should have taken BHB's togas and had a beach party!!! Love you!

Savannah Belle said...

I love the dandelion photo!! That's the one I want when I win the next mystery photo contest. We don't have dandelions here but our beach certainly will be warmer. The temp is going to be in the 90's today.

bigheadedbob said...

Toes in the water, ass in the sand...pretty soon your going to have a chick, and your Mom on your hands. Life was good today, and a full moon tomorrow, that's what togas are for. 90 here, and the water is warm.

Alix said...

Wonderful photos Di. Come to Florida... I'll give you some beach, girl.