Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ho Ho No

I have a strange feeling that someday Chicken Little
will regret being a December baby.



Savannah Belle said...

How cute. HMMM. Seems her Daddy and brother will be able to help her out there. Dec 5, 12th and Great Gma on the 6th.

Alix said...

LOL, Diane.

Chicken Little will probably regret being a December baby in June, but December will be the jackpot month!

My son was born on December 2nd and never had any complaints. He shares that birthday with Britney Spears. Wonder what celeb CL will share his/her birthday with?

Santa? Jesus? Either way, it's a good thing.

Mom L said...

If you put her on the lawn as a gnome ornament, make sure the Santa I made when you were a baby is out there with her (if Pete didn't destroy him) for company!!!

Love you, C.L.!!!