Friday, May 15, 2009

Go Go Boots & Calendar News

First, I wanted to clear up any confusion about yesterday's post- there was some concern that I might be harboring human body parts in the backyard.

Nope, it's just a huge dog toy from IKEA. I love it.

Now on to the exciting news!

One of my photographs has been published in the Images of Western Iowa: The Loess Hills 2010 calendar!

No, I didn't make the cover.

Hell, I barely made the inside!

If you look really hard you'll find my teeny tiny sunflower picture way down in the corner of September.

I didn't name it 'Reaching for the Sky' either.

Oh well, at least one made it, right?


Lola Nova said...

I think it's super cool! Especially since I am the proud owner of that print now.


Love the dog toy.

Alix said...

Congratulations Di. I think it's a huge accomplishment. Remember when Norm's duck painting only made the 3 cent stamp in the movie Fargo? Marge was just as proud of him. So may I be the Marge to your Norm and tell you that you absolutely positively rock and that your photos are amazing works of art?

Oh ya-ah.

Nancy Craig said...

To have a photo published, whatever size is a great accomplishment. Way to go.

Mom L said...

I love it! You've had a lot of photos published - I still have the cover of the Atlanta BellSouth Yellow Pages with your photo on front! And that sunflower picture is gorgeous - lucky LN to own the print. I can't wait to have my own Loess Hills calendar.

I think the doggies love the foot as well.

And, Alix - I LOVE Fargo!!

Love you, Diane

beth said...

im glad that wasnt the calf of a leg in your yard!
im with nancy..youve had lots of stuff published, and im sure its not the last!
wait til CL think I take alot of pictures..oh boy! CL will be the most photographed baby ever! who knows maybe CL will have his own calendar?

Savannah Belle said...

I am proud of you! I must have one of those calendars! Do I have to make the trip to Iowa to get it or can you bring one to WV?

Bush Babe said...

Way to go... of course the editors are klutzes for not simply renaming the calendar Diane's Diary, but hey! Perhaps you should put your own calendar out???

On a completely seperate note: How are you feeling, Mom2B??

bigheadedbob said...

Little Miss September, we're proud. Didn't comment on the foot, but was the first thing I noticed. Thought it must be a Iowa thing, put your left foot in and do the hoockie pookie.......I can see you and D with CL doing the tea spout thing

T Lee said...

Very Coolio!