Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Huge Jugs!

When I think of Cinco de Mayo, I think of frozen margaritas, chips and salsa, and the smell of sizzlin' fajitas. YUM.

Unfortunately for me, that's not how my Cinco is going to go down.

Oh no.

I have to start some 24 hour pee collection today for my doctor. Yeah, I said pee.


They gave me these 2 HUGE jugs to use with strict instructions to collect every drop for 24 hours then return them to the lab tomorrow.

I placed my Chia-Pet next to them so you can fully understand the size of my jugs.

And if the thought of collecting pee for 24 hours is not funny enough, guess where I have to keep my jugs? Hmmmmmmmmmm?

In the fridge! GROSS!

So to avoid any Cinco de Mayo confusion today I had a brilliant idea.......

I think my jugs will put a smile on some lab rat's face tomorrow :)


Mom L said...

OMG, I've had to do that! The worst was when I parked in the wrong parking garage for the office I needed at the huge St. Joe's medical complex and ended up walking around for ages carrying a jug...for all the world to see!!! Never thought I'd need to take a giant plastic bag.

My, your jugs are big. I'm sure the techs will get a great laugh!

Love you and your jugs!

artis1111 said...

You poor thing! It reminds me of the movie Car Wash, where the guy has to collect his pee, and they end up breaking the bottle. At least yours wont break. Hope the Dr. turns out ok. Kathy

Alix said...

Just don't go to the fridge at night and you should be safe.

Poor lil gal.

Happy Cinco de Mayo anyway.

Lola Nova said...

Hey, I am having to collect pee from my girl until we hit the Doc. this afternoon. Not big jugs though, wow thats a lot of pee!

I don't know what else to say.

bigheadedbob said...

The white thingie on top, sippie cup straw, or real small funnel? What do you do after those 2 are full?

bigheadedbob said...
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Anonymous said...

Boy, I must be drunk from the margarita mix, they make Dianes jugs look huge!

Claire said...

You better start drinking if you are going to fill those. Bring on the soda!! Reminds me of the size of jug I had to drink from when I had a colonoscopy done. That was awful. Very awful.

BTW, still not on break from school - I have 2 major final exams yet to go. One of which is Thursday, which is why I am relatively quiet these days, because studying contracts is so fascinating.

beth said...

can you drink unsweet tea or just water?
sorry you have to do this, but hopefully it will only be this once.
flush in fill.

d/iowa said...

well i THOUGHT all i had to do today was drop my bag of jugs off at the lab desk at the hospital- but i had to follow her back and she took the one out that said, "not margarita mix" and just kind of looked at me.
SO embarrassing.

BHB- i only filled one- and the white thing on top said 'for lab use only'. hmmmmm.??

Mom L said...

Sounds like the lab woman didn't have a sense of humor!!!!

Lola said...

ahahahahahahahahahaaaaahhaaaaahahaaaa!!!! holy cow i'm cryin...be sure to sterilize them and use them later for your margarita mix. just don't tell anyone the real story because they won't enjoy their margaritas.

Lauren said...

wow that's a lot of urine
tonight my sister reports she too is pregnant, and her firstborn is one year old yesterday
I told her she has to name this next one Lauren. Of course there is already a niece named Lauren. But I think there should be two since I only have boys...'

So are they gallon jugs, did they really thing a human could produce that much in one day?