Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Southern Moms

I got an email today with this pic and a joke about Alabama parenting.

Joyce said it reminded her of my gorilla pic from the Atlanta Zoo....

Too funny!

Must be a southern thing.


bigheadedbob said...

Don't know if the joke was funny, but the pic is funny as all sh*t! And that is the same way they catch 8 week old chickens, for um .....dinner. Pass the sauce

beth said...

god im hoping the first pic is photoshopped!
or was she an albino gorilla?

Mom L said...

Don't worry, readers - I'll be in Iowa by then to make sure that doesn't happen to Chicken Little!!!

Of course, I DO remember holding my kid sister upside down by her ankles when we were kids - I believe I dropped her, too!!! Sorry, Bonnie!

Alix said...

I have it on good authority that we Southerners (i.e. Britney Spears a la Louisiana) have a knack for baby rearing. What you have in that photo is the famous "one legged Heimlich Maneuver." Works every time. Might look a little disturbing, but gets those martini olives out like a charm! Yeaauuup.

Mom L said...

Alix, you are priceless!

California/Georgia Mom