Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Phantom Graduate

Introducing Darrin's son, Gerrit- a.k.a. 'The Phantom Graduate'.

This is the best shot I got of him after the ceremony- call me super talented.

And here is Big D & G.

Below is Gerrit and his friend Tyler, with Gerrit's big purchase-Robin the wooden yard ornament. Graduation money well spent.

Congrats Gerrit!


T Lee said...

hahaha...where have I heard that before???phantom

yay...congrats and love the yard art! he seems to have a sense of humor!

T Lee said...

PS...he is def a chip off the big D block! it's in the eyes, nose, upper face for me...the resemblance is strong.

Bush Babe said...

So he's camera shy, huh?? Liked the candid shot though... definite family likeness... has he his head around a new baby bro or sis??

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I must be out of my MIND. (If I ever had one left after raising the Big D)!! All I want is a little sleep after being up since 4:45 a.m. and a ten hour drive. The guitar was driving me nuts so I gave "The Graduate" the keys to Popeeno's truck (certainly not my Honda) and sent him out into the night at 10:25 p.m. "The Graduate" and his buddies had a ball talking about CL but I am not at all sure any of them know what a baby really is and I am positive they don't have a clue what causes them!! Anyway, he promised "No more stolen lightbulbs from the hotel elevator." But now I can't go to sleep until he gets home cause I am worried about turning "The Graduate" loose on Savannah. Where is the Big D when I need him!

Anonymous said...

Guess I wouldn't be so worried if I hadn't given him the keys to the truck. Now I can't go to bed cause I in big trouble! I am old, why am I in charge of "The Graduate"?

I guess while I was in WV they changed my password cause it sure won't accept the one I had before.

Anonymous said...

D & D, does sending "The Graduate" out alone in a strange city revoke any chances of EVER baby-sitting with CL? Propably just lost my Grandmother priveleges. It is now 11:10 p.m. Do you know where you child is?

Lauren said...

I tried to shoot the first and second grade awards ceremony for my first and second graders... and got much the same results. Man they move fast!

Thankfully the crap van was standing still.

I love that bridge photo, down there a few posts back.

Mom L said...

Savannah Belle - sorry you've lost your password yet again! I hope G is home by now! Your comment reminded me of Di's night out in the strange town of Panama City, with my car, right after she got her driver's license. WHAT WAS I THINKING??? The worst that happened was that she got her first speeding ticket and blamed me because I gave her and her girlfriend a deadline to be back at the hotel!!!

Congratulations, G!

Savannah Belle said...

"He" made it home safe & sound. Except for not finding the dimmer switch and taking the wrong turns, everything turned out fine. He was still talking on the phone at 3 a.m.

Sorry about all the spelling errors in my previous comments. I know the Big D will have something to say. But he knows it was way past my bed time.