Thursday, March 05, 2009


[2 weeks ago]

Me: "Don't forget to water my Chia each day while I'm gone, Darling."

Darrin: "Yeah, Yeah, OK!"

Poor Chia.
Now he'll have to resort to the Trump Comb-Over.


Mom L said...

D doesn't understand the importance of feeding the chia's head because HE has a full head of hair! He'll never have to worry about combing anything over!!!! At least it didn't all die.

Love you!!!

Lola Nova said...

Actually, I hear that style is all the rage with the chia pals these days.

I remember I once asked a roomate to water my plants while I was away. When I returned most of them were dead. My roomate said, "They missed you so much they commited suicide".

Savannah Belle said...

I once asked Mike to water our plants while we were gone--he did--even the silk ones. He still doesn't know the difference.

Mom L said...

Men! Chuckling at LN's and SB's stories! Reminds me of Mom/Gram telling us that Dad got her some roses to surprise her for a daytrip to one of the lakes, but he put them in the freezer to hide them! Poor roses.

Anonymous said...

Dear " Green thumb" your Chia was given H2O all but one day, I still remember your lavish flower bed in the ATL he he hhehhheeeee


chias make great travel companions

beth said...

my cousin and his wife eat the stuff...seriously.

Alix said...

GO GATORS! Even ones with reverse mohawks!

(Waving to Mom L)