Friday, November 21, 2008

Fruit For Thought

If you have ever been to Atlanta, you've probably been on Peachtree Street at least once. If not Peachtree Street, surely you have been on a street with the word 'Peach' in it. Here is a funny little article I found that mentions the Peachtree Phenomenon.
You're wondering why I am thinking about that way out here in Iowa? Well, we now live on Orange Ave (which is also a road named after a fruit but that isn't the reason). We are the only house on our road, and at the end of our road there is a fork and this sign.

Anywhoo, I just find it funny and it reminds me of Peachtree.
And I had nothing else for today.


Mom L said...

Maybe you should name your driveway Orange Lane?

beth said...

im glad youre the only house so we dont get lost next spring.

dad said...

they should have used "corn" instead of orange

T said...

Orange you so glad you found it, though?! ;)