Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tryptophan & Thanks

I thought I'd better make an entry before the tryptophan kicks in and I slip into a food coma. Not really- we opted for ham today instead of turkey, I just wanted to impress everyone with a big word. But all kidding aside, everyone knows that Thanksgiving is about so much more than food, right?
It's not just about that fat juicy ham, or fluffy cornbread stuffing, or mashed potatos with the skins left on, or thick brown gravy, or sweet rolls lightly basted with real cream butter, or fresh pumpkin pie, or eggnog spiked with where was I going with this?
Oh yes, now I is not about the food at all.
More importantly it's about giving thanks.
So here we go.
Things I am thankful for this year:
1. Finally finding a poor bastard wonderful man willing to marry me.
2. Our loving and supportive family and friends.
3. The sense of peace we have found in our new town.
4. The 'unknown forces' that guided us here.
5. Having a drive-thru liquor store in said new town.
6. Our dogs. Who are also thankful.

For the drive-thru liquor store in our new town.

Because they get treats shaped liked dogs when we drive-thru.

Thank you Mayberry, I'm so glad we found you.

Happy Turkey Everyone ☺


Mom L said...

I love it!! I'm thankful for having such a lovely, talented, and wonderful daughter. Sleep well tonight!

Bush Babe said...

Nice list!! And nice pics...

I am thankful the rain is pounding down on my roof tonight. Just as I had wished for on Thanksgiving. (even if I am an Aussie!).

You may want to check my blog in about an hour's time!!