Monday, November 24, 2008

I Wish I Had Gas

let-down n.
1. A disappointment: The cancellation of the game was a real letdown.

Who doesn't look forward to having their mouth drilled on for an hour or so if it involves a puff or two or ten of some laughing gas? I'd bottle that stuff up and bring it home if they'd let me. But imagine looking forward to a day of gaseous fun, only to find out that your new dental insurance does not cover said funny gas. WOW.
Yeah that SUCKED for me today.
But gas or no gas, the fact that I had no feeling in my mouth for several hours is still pretty funny.
And as I tried smile, my mouth felt like this:

Even though it really looked like this:

And trying to drink a Coke afterwards? Seriously.

Yeah Yeah, I survived- so what's your point?
All I'm sayin' is that it would have been more fun with a little gas.
Is that so wrong?


Mom L said...

I don't even have my sound on and I'm still giggling at your video!! Way to go, teeth! Did you like your dentist?

beth said...

youre a tard and thats why i love you.

Mom L said...

OK, watched it again with the sound on and I giggled right along with you. I can just see you trying to control that straw!!!

clp said...

i've told you that i'm bff with my dentist now, right? seriously. know the receptionist and me and the dude hygenist totally chill. ME. DENTIST FRIENDS. i know, right? crazy.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's funny!