Saturday, November 15, 2008


Well, to us a 30 mile venture to a new town IS a roadtrip- so we decided to check out the town of 'Ute' are some things we saw along the way...

A dip sign-of COURSE I needed a self portrait.

A tractor in the sky-are you kidding me? I love it!

This is a very old cemetery near our house...and no, we didn't bury any jars.

There are only about 15 total headstones from the 1800's here.

And of course we saw mama and baby llama on our journey. Why wouldn"t we?

Back at the homestead- I bought this GREAT monogrammed little flag at my favorite store 'Love Street' when I was in Darrin didn't think it was as cute as I did, but god love him he still let me put it up.

The End for today.


beth said...

what an awesome roadtrip!

Mom L said...

You guys have the most interesting roadtrips! I love reading about/seeing them.

clp said...

thank gad you didn't bury any jars. i can only imagine what the penalty would be.

clp said... street online???????? i don't like that. they need to stay tiny. but good to see the house again.