Friday, November 07, 2008

Hair Doctors and Vibrating Corn

Kids are truly amazing. My friend Alison's daughter, Shannen, can count to 20 in Spanish and is not even three. Today I got to witness my first toddler haircut at a place called 'Hairy's' in Kennesaw. They put Shannen in a chair shaped like a race car and worked on her new 'do'. How cute is that??

After about 10 minutes of clipping Shannen asked, "Am I at the Hair Doctor?"

OMG! How do they come up with this stuff??

And speaking of cute, after the Hair Doctor fun my next stop was to visit my kindred spirit Beth and her new baby Alex (we call him Bean). I found the most perfect John Deere teething ring at our local hardware store for Bean. If the fact that it is shaped like a corn cob isn't funny enough, it also which Beth said, "Alex, Mommy might need to keep this for herself".

Again, kindred spirit.


beth said...

haha!! its all true..
where DO kids come up with cute sayings like that AND mommy will share the vibrating corn! ; )

Lola said...

beth you have a dirty, dirty mind. and it's a good thing...