Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Little Red Schoolhouse

Today I went for a drive with no destination in mind, just a little road trip to see where I would end up.
Well, after a few wrong (or perhaps right?) turns I passed a sign
that read, 'Historic Red Schoolhouse Next Right'
You guessed it, I took the next right.

But this little red schoolhouse was nestled on someones private property. Not wanting to intrude, I quickly turned around to bolt just as a sweet man came out to greet me. He smiled and said, "Park it there, she'll be right out to show you around."
Intrigued, I patiently waited.
And cursed myself as usual for not bringing my camera. Once again I've stumbled upon something fabulous with only my stupid camera phone to document it.

Damn, will I ever learn?
A few minutes later out came Ramona- the woman who had this old schoolhouse moved from miles away to her farm back in 1975. She restored and furnished it with pieces dating back to the early 1900's. She told me that teaching has been her life, "it's just in my blood", she said...... and how having this old schoolhouse on her farm all these years has brought her so much joy.
Then she took me inside for a tour.

I immediately felt as if I'd stepped back in time.







I swear I was in there for an hour with her. She told stories of her old students, how they all had 'chores', and what fun they all had putting on plays at Christmas time.
I told her about Grandma, and how she adored being a teacher in a one room school back in the 20's.
Ramona's eyes got big and sparkled as she said, "Oh how wonderful! Now you can picture it through your Grandmother's eyes"
Wonderful?????? She had no idea.
I told her I would be back soon with my real camera.
She gave me her phone number and told me to call first- that way she would be ready in her teaching dress and bonnet for pictures.
I love her.
To think I was in such a crappy mood all day, until I stumbled upon Ramona and her little red schoolhouse.
She honestly made my heart SMILE today.
I will be back.


Anonymous said...

OMG!! That gives me cold chills and tears to read!! I thought of your Grandmother even before you got to that part!! You MUST go back SOON! Pictures for the calendar? Even with the camera phone, yours was better than any of those calendars we have. And can you write a story to go with it? You have a wonderful start!

T said...

That is so COOL...really, truly fascinating to me!! I wish I had been with you. Life's little accidental wonders are the best!! That was pure divine intervention...maybe grandma led you there!? Awesome.

Mom L said...

This was true serendipity! I'll bet Gram was watching and smiling down on you. Don't worry, Punkin, your camera phone does fine as long as it's YOUR eye that's behind the camera. Shucks, you could use a pin hole camera and do fine!

clp said...

ugh. LOOOOOOOOVE. love. so great.

beth said...

You must take us there!