Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sappy Happy

There are lots of things to do when moving your life to a new city. One not so fun thing is finding yourself a new 'girlie' doctor. My new OBGYN just kind of fell into my lap- no pun intended. The most AMAZING doctor ever just moved to our tiny town 3 weeks ago from Hawaii... Dr. Mary Groda-Lewis. I feel honored just to know her, let alone be her patient! You all know that I took a soul searching trip to Kona, HI 2 years ago to 'find myself' and had a very spiritual experience while I was there. So of course it blows my mind that Dr. Mary was living in Kona at the exact time I was there! It all makes perfect sense that my appointment with her fell on 11/11, because if you know me you know my thing with numbers...(getting married on 8/8/8 for example) Anywho, I can't even describe how excited I am to have Dr. Mary in my life.
And not at all surprised that this tree is in front of her office....



Mom L said...

Can you bring her to Atlanta when you come back to visit?

beth said...

its meant to be