Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Does That Make Me Crazy?

Our weather has been so nice over the past few days...in the 50's and sunny... causing most of our accumulated snow to melt away over the weekend. Saturday Darrin and I were outside enjoying the day when he noticed something strange next to our front porch...3 old mason jars under our tree. I guess we hadn't noticed them before because they were hidden under the snow.

Anyway, they weren't there a few weeks ago so there's only one logical explanation-our ghosts put them there. I know, you're thinking that I've officially lost my mind. Possible. But I still think we have ghosts.

A few months ago our friend Paul was over and I was taking pics of him for his Facebook page. I never even noticed the 'Orbs' until after I uploaded the pics.

I know, now you're thinking that was just a weird lens flare. But they appeared again in this group of pics taken later that same day.

Again, I know you see the rain drops and assume the circles of light were caused by fog on my lens or something. So why are they in different spots? And why do they appear AGAIN while we were checking out the little cemetery down the road????

Even our public library is supposed to be haunted! The librarian told me about 'Myrtle' the ghost a few days before I took the above pictures. She even let me take some pictures in the library, but I didn't get any Orbs that day. She told me I could come back anytime with my camera to try to get a shot of Myrtle.
Something tells me I just might have to visit the library this week......


Savannah Belle said...

I personally did not see any orbs when I was visiting. D asked me Sat. if I had put those jars there. I DID NOT!! I am wondering about the placement of the jars. Were those in the garage or in the storm shelter? I remember the librarian saying we couldn't go to the basement of that old building because that is where the bad ghosts are. They had problems when they were renovating I believe. Wish I had paid more attention to all those photos on display the day of open house. Don't do anything to tick your ghosts off!!

Savannah Belle said...

One more comment about the jars: you know how I am about old jars, etc. I believe I even told you & D to collect them & protect them when we were in the storm shelter. I was pulling weeds & trimming out by that tree & even moved that concrete deer out a little so I definitely would have noticed blue jars laying there. Did D know we have a resident ghost at INS? That building was a doctors office before Mike & Rich bought it. He has been named Ralph. I personally have never had the experience of encountering him but I never intend to be in that building by myself for very long. I believe the people that have are reliable and don't make up ghost stories.

T Lee said...
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Claire said...

Well, it has been VERY windy. The mason jars might have blown there? Or maybe you have bootleggers nearby and they are sitting around under your trees for a little moonshine!

Did you notice in some of those pictures, your dogs are actually looking at the orbs? I think dogs see things that people don't.

Now I'm going to have to watch for orbs.

Check this out:


Mom L said...

I've always thought Pete was actually looking at the orb in the first dog photo. Have you talked to anyone about the history of your place? Other than it having been moved to the top of the hill, that is. Add these to the jars you found in the shelter, like S.B. said, and you'll have a collection for canning or making candles!!!

Mom L said...

I just looked at Claire's websites on orbs - fascinating! And you do live in a strange area - you've got several cemeteries around you and probably have a fascinating history.

Lola said...

that's just pete's halo

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

guess what Diane? Heidi has a photo of a cow udder on her site
check out MammaJugs

Savannah Belle said...

Moonshine----ummmm. Might take the place of Evan.

T Lee said...

Your friend Paul is being MOLESTED by orbs! Seeing orbs in pictures at cemetaries...yeah, what is up around your house??hmmmm?? Indians?
This does not make you crazy...thinking there may be ghosts or whatever...it is all the other stuff that makes you crazy! HA!

Diane L. Dodd said...

the dogs are totally looking at the orbs!
mil- i never knew about your INS ghost either.
claire- i liked those sites- and everyone else- i like moonshine and udders too.

Heidi said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I love to have people stop over! Feel free to make yourself at home anytime!!!

beth said...

oh honey..
you ARE crazy, but that apple fell from the tree long ago way before the orbs appeared.
Please just make sure these are friendly ghosts before we stay there. :)

Lola Nova said...

I do, I do believe in ghosts.