Sunday, February 08, 2009

Tunes, Tropics, And Trannies

I stole today's idea from my friend Tammy, who posted pictures from her St. Lucia wedding to help her get in a 'warm weather' state of mind. Don't get me wrong, our weather has been beautiful the past few days the 50's...... but nothing can beat a trip to the Caribbean in my book. Plus I just realized it was one year ago this week that D and I were cruising on Cayamo....a 7 day music cruise that stopped in Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and Mexico. D even got to shake hands with Lyle Lovett. We also got to enjoy Emmylou Harris, John Hiatt, Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin, Shawn Mullins and many more.

Here's to a warm state of mind. Or warped. Whichever.

My reflection in Cayman.

Our bartender in Jamaica.

I had to buy it.

Um- I loved the 'Art'!!!

I loved the decor.

I loved the colors.

I love big hair.

Darrin spreading some of Grandma's ashes over Jamaica.

A storefront in Mexico.

This is Big Headed Bob and Tom Sr. (A.K.A. Pops....Tom Jr. is not pictured here because he was hiding from me.)
We met the 3 of them on the ship and still keep in touch through email.
They are going again this year, and I'm so very jealous.

The gorgeous Emmylou Harris.

Lyle & John.

Donkey wearing a hat.

D proposing to me with gum hanging out of my mouth.
Kidding, he wasn't proposing.

I loved this coconut- it even came with an alcoholic beverage in it. Perfect.

My foot with Patty Griffin and Buddy Miller.

Our shadows in Jamaica.

And of course no trip would be complete without a transvestite bartender hitting on Darrin!

HAHA. Awesome!
It was such a great trip.
And a perfect way to feel all warm and fuzzy and inside in this cold a** weather.


Mom L said...

A great way to take a winter break!!! How many cruises have you been on? Your Mom has been on only one - the company paid dinner cruise around Boston Harbor! Some day.....

I hadn't seen some of those pictures - I know you had a great time and have lots of w.a.r.m. memories!

But dammit, I always cry when I watch your Grandma slideshow!!! Mom was a beauty and you were definitely soul mates! Love you!

clp said...

i mean, in my opinion, NO story is complete without darrin and a transvestite.

Anonymous said...

thank you Chaney,,, I think

Claire said...

I've never been on a cruise....not sure that it's quite my thing, but still, it does look like fun. And now that I'm forewarned about the transvestite bartenders, I will be fully prepared if I do go on one.

bigheadedbob said...

Love the blog site, bob hasn't seen it yet, he's still at the tailors getting ready for his photo op with Lyle. We saw Darrin's pic, and don't remember meeting him or the dogs. Were we in Jamaica? I do remember getting licked in the face, hope it was the dogs and not some transvestite. Stay as warm as your thoughts......

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Isn't EmmyLou Harris just gorgeous?

Never been on a cruise and although I don't get out much, I'll pass on watching the transvestite video, but thanks anyway.

T Lee said...

I went on one cruise...many moons ago, Bahamas. It was Da Bomb! Although I never did run across a transvestite. You just have all the luck!

And mentioned me and added me to your blogs followed..I did not knnow you were such a softie!

Bad Tippers...BURN IN HELL! (Hell is in Mexico, BTW ask Laura.) funny, too.

T Lee said...

Thought I should elaborate on the Hell comment I made..meaning Hell is a city in Mexico...laura once sent her son a postcard from Hell....just stuck with me, it's funny.

Also, I love the pics..donkey with hat, embarassed monkey over the "art", but, especially granma's ashes.....that is really WOW picture to me!

Diane L. Dodd said...

tammy- there is a city in Grand Cayman named Hell too! i actually lived there for about 9 months back in my wild twenties.

T Lee said... bad...that's the place...not Mexico...figures you lived there!