Saturday, February 28, 2009

Flying Biscuits & Monkeys

I was hoping to catch up on some blog posts today but at this point, the past few days are mostly just a blur anyway. So today you get a cornucopia of random thoughts and pictures from Atlanta.


~What's with me and my 'Big Themed Things' lately?? This is Pierre de Coubertin,
Founder of the Olympics....

I found him when Tammy and I were at Centennial Olympic Park
for Jackson's photo shoot.

~Here is the big 'ole chew toy I got for Pete from IKEA.
Ahhhhhhhh, IKEA.

~This was taken in one of Atlanta's crazy little art shops. The shop owner let Randy
pick out a rubber duck because it was his birthday.

~The Flying Biscuit is one of Atlanta's fabulous food joints, and Randy wanted to eat his birthday
brunch there.

We had been sitting at our table for several minutes before I noticed the print on the wall next to us. ****You guys know I just LOVE spotting things that make me think of Grandma, and remind me that she is always around.****
Of COURSE the title of the print was 'Nana's Love'.

What's even crazier is that I went to SCAD with the artist-Ptah- he is a good buddy of mine and actually gave me the same print a few years ago, it is hanging in our guest room!
I had no idea he had one hanging in The Flying Biscuit! How random we were sitting right under it!

~Then we went over to The Alcove Gallery to see another artist friend, Chris Warner.
This huge monkey canvas was hanging by the entrance to the gallery.....
I was immediately in love.

And very excited that Chris had a much smaller version for sale...

How perfect that it's titled "Come Together" and represents the balance of good and evil...
just like me! HA!

~ This is just a random fun wall. I love Urban Pie.

~A VERY old tag- The Atlanta Crackers.

~ Pete!!!

Hang Tight- Atlanta SNOW pictures coming soon.
YEP! I leave Iowa and get snow in Atlanta in March.
Go figure.


Claire said...

Cool pictures! Looks like you are having a blast. I heard about the funny is that, that'll teach ya to go looking for sunny weather when you get all you need here in Iowa! Haha! Luna says hi!

Mom L said...

Wow, and since I know just how busy your photo schedule was, I'm amazed that you found time to do all these things. Atlanta Crackers? I never knew! Of course, we didn't move here until 1973...

Don't worry - it's supposed to keep warming up now. Love you!

clp said...

i can't believe that print is called nana's love!!!! awesome.