Monday, February 23, 2009

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Today was a very low key day of rest for me.
Sandra and I did manage to walk Pete over to the neighborhood groomer, so he could finally get his 'corn chip nail tips' clipped.
They had gotten PRETTY BAD!
(This is BEFORE)

Along the way, we happened to notice this very interesting phone pole message:

Leave it to me to find only the best graffiti, I just can't seem to help it.

Here is a closer view for ya.

Of course it made me laugh.
And laughing reminded me of one of my favorite quotes:

"Laughter is the sunshine of the soul."

It was a good day.


Mom L said...

I'm glad you had a chance to chill! Sorry my dentist appt. screws up our window of opportunity tomorrow, but I'm anxious to see you Wed. You have such a busy photo shoot schedule!

Yep - you're the weird magnet, alright. How did you just "happen" upon that grafitti?!!!

Poor Pete. I think he wants long, curvy nails that you can paint with glitter! Love you!

bigheadedbob said...

Wow, hope you don't have to drive back Tennessee, thick thats a felony to cut a pure bred Cur dog intentionally. Have a good time,and a safe trip home.

Savannah Belle said...

Laughter really is the sunshine of the soul and reading your Blog everyday certainly makes me laugh! You go girl--I love it. I don't know how you come up with all the BS every day.

Corinne R. said...

I had no idea! I am glad that someone took the time to enlighten us all, and interestingly enough, on a big wooden pole. Hmmm....

Lola said...

it's true. it's not a weapon. it's also not an extension of your nine iron. just so ya know.

Anonymous said...

Not unlike a weapon mine has gotten me in trouble before!

Alix said...

Ask a rape victim and she/he might have a different opinion. Great random graffiti though. Unusual and retarded at the same time. You get the trophy AGAIN today Di.

Happy trails home!

PS: Augie hasn't had his nails clipped in a loooong time. If the vet even looks his paw he howls as if in the greatest pain. He HATES having them clipped. At almost 15 (next month), I think I'll indulge him in longer nails.