Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Phodography: A Look Behind The Scenes

I am organizing all the files that were saved from my dead laptop and I came across this series of pictures from September. I thought it would be fun to show y'all how many pictures I actually have to take of my beloved idiots just to get ONE halfway decent shot of the 3 of them together! And yeah, there is an Orb in a few of these too, and it is clearly distracting them in some of the shots... ; )









NINE. (although this is pretty cute)




THIRTEEN. Finally. A good shot.

Now if only I could get them to smile.

Hey, I just realized it has been awhile since I posted a 'Did It' from my '2 tears in a Bucket List' ....I know everyone must be having Di Did It withdrawals. LOL. So here ya go...

#11- Walk on a Volcano.


Mom L said...

Cute - an afternoon in the life of Superphotodogs!! The silly mutts: after one of Banjo's injuries, and what in H**l is Olive doing in #11 - is it what I think? Claire - she used your orb link!!!

I'm so glad you were able to save all the photos and docs. Love you!!

justin manas prince jaspher ligin said...

i love this this lovely photographs of the three lovely pets posted by the creative photographer..

Savannah Belle said...

How cute! My wonderful, innocent looking grand-dogs. Glad you were able to save everything from your laptop. Are you putting it all on discs? I promised myself I would have that done after our computer broke. When are you coming over????