Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Need A Sign (Cont.)

Now for the rest of yesterday's story.....

After I saw the Giant Mad Girl billboard type random cut out thingie, I decided to stop at the Loess Hills Visitor Center on my way home. I was secretly hoping to find out if any of my photographs had been selected for the calendar, but was too embarrassed to ask the woman at the counter. After a few minutes she said, "aren't you the girl with the Catahoulas?"
(I had visited the shop back in September-and she could hear my dogs barking in the truck and wanted to go visit with them. Darrin and I find it easier to just tell people they are all Catahoulas- we really don't know for sure since they were all rescues.)
ANYWAY- I told her yes, that was me. Then she asked how my photography was going, so I told her I had submitted some pictures for the calendar, and she told me they would announce the winners in 3 or 4 weeks. She also told me they'd love for me to bring in some prints that I could sell on commission in the shop. Then she told me to go across the street to the Cultural Center and introduce myself to the ladies- it was closed but they were inside making a quilt.


So Mayberry cute.

They showed me the original Moorhead Jail that is on display. Apparently, the only crimes back in the day were usually just public intoxication, so they would throw the drunks in the cell until they sobered up. I love it.

So I chatted with the ladies for a bit, and when they learned that I was "good with a computer" they got very excited. One thing led to another and I volunteered to help out with the center and some upcoming projects & art exhibits. They are also talking about printing a book of photographs and poetry of The Loess Hills and want me to help with that too.


Things always seem to work out for me when I take my little random road trips.

Which is why Pete and I will be heading to Atlanta tomorrow.....
First stop-Asheville, NC to visit my fabulous Aunt Bonnie.

Stay tuned for updates and oddities from the road.


Alix said...


Hello and muchas gracias for visiting Casa Hice and leaving such a hysterical comment about Valentine gonads. I knew immediately you were my kind of girl.

I'm looking forward to reading and following your blog. It looks like a truly awesome one.

Please come back to Casa Hice any time and let's get to know one another.

"Mayberry Cute," mind if I steal that one?

Anonymous said...

i can't sign in. wierd. it's clp. ummmmmmmm when are you going to be at bonnie's hook??

Claire said...

I love the quilting bee. And I love that you're going to be working on these projects. Now I will have to visit the Loess Hills.

Are you going through Des Moines on your way out of town? Or back in?

Kelly and I went to Asheville last summer. We visited the Biltmore and I had epiphanies in the gardens there. I didn't really care about the house part, but the gardens...oh my...

That was before I had a blog.

Mom L said...

I love it! You will definitely be the most awesome volunteer they could have! So many opportunities. You'll have to show them the quilt I made when you were little - that is, if you aren't too embarassed to let anyone see it!!! It was definitely not a proper quilt. Can't wait to see you and Pete, but D and the other pups will miss you. Love you!!!

Diane L. Dodd said...

alix- thanks! you and i have the same sick sense of humor i think!
yes-please steal "mayberry Cute"!!!
i've added you to my 'me likie' list :)

CLP- hoping to get to bonnie's this friday evening sometime thru sun or monday.
come see me! and meet pete!
i have a date with ed one day to get photoshop on my new laptop-maybe he will cook for us again.

Anonymous said...

East bound and dowm loading up and trucking.....

Diane L. Dodd said...

claire- according to the gps i don't go through des moines. darrin tells me i go to omaha to kansas city to st louis to paducah to nashville to knoxville to asheville. DAMN that sounds long! 1050 miles. i guess i should look at the atlas before i head out in the am. i shot a wedding at the biltmore once- it is beautiful there!

mom- i still have that quilt!

anon- what? are you drinking again? ; )

T Lee said...

You did likey Giant Mad Girl..HI-larious! Love It! I think you get so much more out of this volunteer work than you would have ever imagined. I just have a feeling here.

T Lee said...
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beth said...

great things happen sometimes when you leave the house! or so I hear!!
I wouldnt know anymore. ; )
This is really great, and such a great way to really be a part of a non shithole community!
one of those little old ladies kinda looked like your grandma to me.

Savannah Belle said...

You will learn soooo much from those little ol' ladies but I believe they will learn far more from you!! You may even take up quilting! However I think it inappropriate to use the WTF saying when you are with them. HA! I hope you and Pete have an enjoyable trip. Just keep on truckin'. We have seen enough photos of the giant ball of string but will certainly enjoy anything else you wander upon. Have fun and keep in touch. Oh, be sure and stop early enough everyday to add to your blog. A day without this is like a day without sunshine--or humor.

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

That jail is neat! You had asked about the links to other posts below the current post on my blog. It isn't a blogger widget, but there is a link right below them on my blog that says "what is link within" or something like that. It will take you to where you can get it. Have a fun and safe trip!