Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bona Fide Tennessee Mountain Cur

I ended up getting about 2 total hours of sleep yesterday-fun times.

My first stop in Metropolis was the Giant Superman:

Isn't he handsome?

Yep, HAD to get a giant crotch shot.


Drugs? No thanks, had my fill of those yesterday.....

Which is why I looked like this.

Metropolis is also home of 'Big John'. He is a giant bag boy I think.

My past week has been kind of full of random giant things for some reason.
First Albert The Bull, then Giant Mad Girl, then Huge Superman and Big 'Ole John. Weird.
Well, I am a weird magnet after all :)

So after I finished all my big fun I hit the road- only 8 more hours to Asheville.
After a couple of hours we stopped for some gas, then I noticed two men staring at Pete in the truck. I politely smiled at them and they proceeded to come over and started telling me how handsome Pete was. Now, keep in mind that we were in the hills of TN at a tiny gas station that was so old, the pumps didn't even take credit cards. Those two men were straight out of 'Deliverance'- I seriously could almost hear the tune of 'Dueling Banjos' as they approached me.

It went down like this:

"Now I ain't never seen a Cur from Iowa!"

"Well, we found him in Texas and brought him to Iowa with us."

"Well I'll be damned- a Tennessee Cur living in Iowa. He looks to me like a full blooded bona fide Tennessee Mountain Cur- they are born and bred right her in Tennessee. I have 2 of 'em. Best hoggin' dog I ever did see. And very smart too."

"Really? I just thought he was some strange mutt-that's so cool!"

"oh no, he's a Cur alright. And if you have coons in Iowa he would love to chase them too."
(Sorry, I found that extremely funny sounding.)

Anyway, I was so excited to learn that Pete wasn't some random no name dog!
And extremely relieved that they didn't tell him he had a "purdy mouth" and ask him to squeal like a pig!!

So we got back on the road and headed down the highway with only 2 hours left in our trip.

It was a gorgeous day. The Blue Ridge Mountains were on the horizon. I was almost to my Aunt's house. AND I had my very own Tennessee Mountain Cur. Life was good.

I called Bonnie to tell her I'd just found out that Pete was a Tennessee Cur, and she busted out laughing, promptly grabbed her dictionary and read the definition of Cur below:

Cur refers to a mutt, a dog of mixed ancestry, typically characterized as one who tends to growl frequently rather than maintain calm.It is also a derogatory term in American slang to insult someone by calling them a dog. Particularly, a mixed-breed dog.}

WHAT??? Pete is a bona fied purebred mutt?
Of course he is.

I did research a little more after I got to Bonnie's house, and found there really is a breed called the Tennessee Mountain Cur.

So as far as I'm concerned, from now on he's Texas Pete, the Tennessee Mountain Cur.

I love it.


Mom L said...

I think the joke's on you - your 2 Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Curs and your Tennessee Mountain Cur share the same characteristic according to the websites I read: they ALL need long, brisk daily walks! Notice the websites do not say to turn them loose to run and play on their own for 8 or 10 hours. YOU are supposed to walk or jog WITH them! Ha!

I'm sorry S-man's crotch shot wasn't very exciting, but I think you had quite enough adventure on this leg of your trip.

Anxious to see you and Pete - love you!

Mom L said...

Oh, and do you think Giant Bag Man could be Shoney's Big Boy all grown up?

Claire said...

Luna is very afraid of the giant Tennessee Mountain Cur Catahoula whatsit.

I think it is cool you keep running into giant things. Maybe you will run into a giant amount of money soon and then you will build a giant chicken coop and have a giant llama farm. How cool would that be.

BTW, why does superman have blue hair in that cartoon picture. I disapprove.

Alix said...

Hilarious Diane! I've just about given up Cake Wrecks for you. (Jen's commentary is getting predictable.)

Love giant Superman, particularly the groin region that I have come to enjoy from your photography. When I read your first comment at Casa Hice - Valentine's Day, I believe - about you and Albert's nads, I was instantly charmed.

I think you and I may be twins separated at birth, except I'm no good at photography and it would have been one hell of a long labor.

Thanks for keeping us all caught up on your adventures!

PS: Nearly wet myself over the Tennessee Cur dialog. So damn funny.

bigheadedbob said...

My sister moved from Florida to that region 2 years ago, we went up there last May to visit, and 50% of the locals looked like they had the same DNA as bigheadedbob. You once again out did yourself, will have a smile on my face the rest of the day.

Linda Kelly said...

shouldn't he be Iowa Pete, the Tn cur?

Lola said...

i think you have captured the essence of Pete, TMC. BTW, the choosing to growl rather than remain calm is why i love him so...